Update 2.3.1

Matt has been hard at work on an update to the app for all of you and we are excited to announce some of the new features we are rolling out. “WOD” Tab The biggest addition you will see is the “WOD” feature. This feature will allow you to create, store, and review wods of[…]

How CrossFit Football got it so right.

CrossFit Football had a big influence on me back in 2012. It was one of the first CrossFit programs out there that adapted CrossFit training to a specific type of athlete: power athletes. John Welbourn his program towards the needs of football players, rugby players, and other field athletes who needed to be big, strong,[…]

Better Crossfit Benchmarking

Gotta love benchmark day at the gym. You’ve been working hard and you get hyped up with your friends, ready to crush a workout like “Fran” or “Grace”, excited to see how much improvement you’ve made. At the end of the WOD, you are spent knowing that you left it all on the floor and[…]

Update 2.1.4

Update 2.1.4 is in the app store approval queue (it’s already out for Android). As a feature release it adds tabbed navigation and begins setting up the app framework for major future releases (logging and “the girls”). Tabbed navigation groups movements into different families (Squats, Presses, Pulls, and Misc).  In the future a “settings” page[…]

UI Fixes

There was a pretty significant iOS User Interface (UI) issue where the screen would flicker when switching between views. That should be fixed with the 2.0.4 release (pending app store review/approval now). I added the patch that was talked about here: http://blog.ionic.io/ios-9-potential-breaking-change/ In other news I did a COMPLETE rewrite of the app in the[…]

WODRight Tutorial

Thank you for downloading WODRight. You might have a few questions on how to get started using the app and exploring its features. This tutorial will walk you through it page by page and provide some insight into how the features work and how you can get the most out of them. The Strength Tab[…]