Update 2.3.1

Matt has been hard at work on an update to the app for all of you and we are excited to announce some of the new features we are rolling out.

“WOD” Tab

The biggest addition you will see is the “WOD” feature. This feature will allow you to create, store, and review wods of your own design. For example, you can enter 30 clean and jerks for time, name it “Grace”, get a weight rec scaled to your strength, and log your time and weight used. This feature will function like a workout journal and is something we are excited to finally roll out.


“Details” “Family” “History”

These features are nested under the “Quick Lift” tab and show more detail about your lifts.

screenshot_20161106-174357“Details” – This page gives you an overview of your logged maxes with the lift including date and amount. This again functions like a workout journal for tracking your 1RM across movements








screenshot_20161106-174404“Family”- If you are missing a 1RM for a movement, this page gives you more detail on where the estimated 1RM comes from. Keep in mind, the farther away a max in one movement is from a similar one, the less accurate the estimate will be (ie. using your 5rm on a lunge to estimate a 1RM on a back squat is probably a bad idea)








screenshot_20161106-174400“History”- Here you can see a full log of your updates to 1RM. We hope to build this out into a live graph of your real and estimate 1RM for the movement as you continue to log updates to your 1RM



We updated the color scheme to give it a fresh look and to make the UI more revealing. If you see things change color, tap around and you might learn a thing or two.



We are dropping ads from WODRight. We weren’t making enough to justify the trouble and decided it was better to deliver a streamlined experience to users.


The blog will be more active in the next few months as Matt is leading the effort to open source our code on Github and I will be posting some data analysis articles. We hope you enjoy the update and continue using WODRight.


-Matt and Christian

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