Workouts for the Week of Aug 1 – Aug 7

We just finished a Cycle, so it is time to add:

10# to Back Squat, Front Squat, Deadlift TM
5# to everything else’s TM

Rep Scheme this week:
5 @ 40%
5 @ 50%
8 @ 60%
8 @ 70%
8+ @ 80%

Monday- Back Squat, Push Press, Chinup
assistance- 3×20 Heel Taps
– 3 sets Max effort Kipping pullups
– 3×8 Behind the Neck Snatch-Grip Push Press at 60%

Tuesday- 6 sets to work up to heavy
3 Position Snatch (hi hang, hang, floor), start at 70%
3 Position Clean (Hi hang, hang, floor), start at 70%

Wednesday- Deadlift, Bench Press, Barbell Row
Assistance- 1×20, 2×15, 1×12 increasing weight
Dumbell curls, Hammer curls, barbell curls, Cable Row
Incline DB Bench, Tricep extension, Rope tricep extension, reverse tricep extension

Thursday- Rest

Friday- Front Squat, Dip, Gymnastics
Gymnastic work
4 sets Max effort Strict HSPU, followed by max effort kipping (max out on strict, kick down, shake it out, and then kick back up to the wall and max out on kipping)
8 Min EMOM
50% max MU
(if you can do 8 muscle ups, do 4 every minute. If you can’t do muscle ups, get in a false grip on the rings and practice pulling the rings as deep as possible)

Saturday- 7 sets to work up to heavy set of
Hang Snatch, Snatch
Hang Clean, Clean and Jerk

10 Sets, start at 75%