UI Fixes

There was a pretty significant iOS User Interface (UI) issue where the screen would flicker when switching between views. That should be fixed with the 2.0.4 release (pending app store review/approval now). I added the patch that was talked about here: http://blog.ionic.io/ios-9-potential-breaking-change/

In other news I did a COMPLETE rewrite of the app in the last 3 days which fixes a number of problems and speeds it up considerably. I also began laying the groundwork for the “girls”, which will come out in a FUTURE update. The next update will also ADD the “Clean and Jerk” movement. Right now they’re listed separately.

Speaking of… “the girls” are an interesting problem for our app. A lot of the exercises are not necessarily scalable in the traditional sense. It’s easy to tell you to add or subtract 5 lbs from the dumbbell… but it’s much hard to recommend how to scale body weight exercises. Inconsistencies between gyms, and even personal performance, just don’t match up. So, for the first “girls” release we’re going to focus on the WODs that have scalable lifts (meaning: things we already recommend weights for). Hero workouts will come in a later update.

The initial focus for these additions will be whether or not to scale you down from Rx. It’s similar to our conditioning page. In many cases we know the total amount of weight we’ll be prescribing. If we compare the Rx weight vs the weight we’d normally recommend for that many reps in conditioning, we’ll know what to do. If your recommendation exceeds the Rx weight… well, you should be able to do it faster.