WODRight Tutorial

Thank you for downloading WODRight. You might have a few questions on how to get started using the app and exploring its features. This tutorial will walk you through it page by page and provide some insight into how the features work and how you can get the most out of them.

The Strength Tab

This page is where you can track your 1 rep maxes for various movements. Any lifts in Blue require an input by the user, or an max on a comparable movement to estimate a max for that particular lift. Estimated maxes are always highlighted in Orange, and can be taken either from a higher rep max of that movement (like a 3RM or a 5RM), or can be calculated from the max of a parallel movement (ie a front squat max estimated from a known back squat max). Keep in mind, these are estimates and you should approach these numbers with caution.

From here, you can select a single movement and calculate percentages and rep maxes for the movement. Say you want to know 80% of your front squat: simply tap “Front Squat” and select “Switch to effort”. From there, you can easily calculate percentages based off your max which are provided in a 10% range to account for estimation errors.


Each movement also has a detail tab showing you when you last updated, and estimates for other movements based on this. This feature will be added to as we will begin using it to identify deficiencies in training, measure growth rates, and provide more detailed training analysis to the end user.

The Conditioning Tab


The conditioning tab exists to provide weight recommendations tailored to each individual athlete. It requires a max (in the strength tab) of the movement to be performed and the total number of reps you plan to perform of the movement (this can be hazy we know, just do your best to estimate). Let’s say you were about to do Fran (21-15-9 pullups and thrusters), that is 45 thruster reps, so I would enter “40-49” under my goal reps of the “Thruster” button. The output is my weight estimate for the wod. Keep in mind, the stronger I am the higher my estimate will be. If Rich Froning used WODRight, we might have him doing Fran at 200lbs and that’s ok because he is strong enough to handle that weight. This idea is potentially revolutionary in Crossfit as athletes stop using a load designed for one specific athlete and start using loads selected for themselves.

About Tab

This tab just provides some recommendations on using the app and guiding your training.

We hope you enjoy using WODRight and want to hear from you. If you have feedback, suggestions for features, love it, hate it, anything we want to know. WODRight is a living project and this is simply one iteration of it, we expect to improve it. We hope you will continue on the journey with us as we add features, grow our community, and continue to empower individual athletes with better information and analysis.

Your brother in strength,