Development Update

Tomorrow is the launch of the NEW WODRight (!!!), but how did we get here, and why the hell did it take so long?

At the gym one day Christian approached me to port WODRight from it’s original iOS to Android and add some features (that would eventually get re-incorporated into the iOS version).  It was going to be a never-ending cycle of pain and tears switching between iOS and Android versions.  They’d never have feature parity.

Over the next few months we went through a number of iterations with the Android app… experimenting with new features and ways to do workout logging and recommendations.  Some things worked well and others didn’t… but we had a big problem.  It was considerably different than the iOS version and added a lot of features.

When the Android version was about 80% complete I discovered the Ionic Framework.  You mean I can write Javascript code (what I normally work in) and it’ll spit out iOS AND Android apps?  Sign me up.  We had a meeting and I asked for a week to experiment with this framework to evaluate whether it’d work for us or not.

I’d been writing the Android version for ~4 months at this point.  In the one week I experimented with Ionic… I completely ported everything I had done to-date, added a feature or two, and had iOS and Android versions.  So yeah… that was a good experiment.

Now that we’ll be using Ionic moving forward you should expect more frequent updates and more features.  For now, this is our development roadmap… each item will be it’s own release:

  • Named Workouts
  • Performance Highlighting
  • Log Workouts (track longer than just “most recent” history)
  • Cloud Syncing
  • Web Interface
  • WODRight for Gyms

If you have feature suggestions, we’d love to hear them.